TJJ LionsDay 3 Blog

Yesterday we explored the bar kochba caves and reconnected to our Jewish roots by saying shma Israel in the dark caves with a flame. We then headed toward machon Mayan campus where we had lunch with our fellow TJJ Lions and learned about gap year programs. After a long drive back we headed to Chispin where we will be staying for the next week. The campus is beautiful and food is delicious.

Today, we had an exciting water day. It started off at the kineret where we built our own water rafts and got to use them in the water. Then, we headed out to a water hike called “Majresa” in the north. Our final water activity for the day was a floating water course on the beach. We then headed to the grave sight of great rabbis and connected to our ancestors. Finally, we met up with our fellow TJJ lions for a party boat in the kineret. We cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings!